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Infiniti Infrared

Affinage Professional Infrared professional hair colour is a collection of 5 vibrant colours; .4 Copper, .526 Magenta, .6 Red, .62 Red Violet and .64 Red Copper that create an intense bright fashion effect in a simple single step process.

With DAT2™ technology, the built-in lift eliminates the need for high developer strengths, ultimately maintaining hair condition, which is why hair salon professionals love Infiniti Infrared hair colour. 


.4 Copper - Infiniti Infrared

.4 Copper

.526 Magenta - Infiniti Infrared

.526 Magenta

.6 Red - Infiniti Infrared

.6 Red

.62 Red Violet - Infiniti Infrared

.62 Red Violet

.64 Red Copper - Infiniti Infrared

.64 Red Copper

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