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Infiniti High Lift

Affinage Professional Infiniti High Lift hair colours are a collection of 6 supreme blondes; 12.0 Arctic Light Blonde, 12.0S High Lift Booster, 12.1 Arctic Light Ash Blonde, 12.11 Arctic Extra Ash Blonde, 12.2 Arctic Pearl Blonde and 12.23 Arctic Beige Blonde.

With a nourishing creme/gel base formula and low ammonia content, this is a professional hair product range that hair stylists & clients love!


12.0 Arctic Light Blonde - Infiniti High Lift

12.0 Arctic Light Blonde

12.0S High Lift Booster - Infiniti High Lift

12.0S High Lift Booster

12.1 Arctic Light Ash Blonde - Infiniti High Lift

12.1 Arctic Light Ash Blonde

12.11 Arctic Extra Ash Blonde - Infiniti High Lift

12.11 Arctic Extra Ash Blonde

12.12 Arctic Violet Blonde - Infiniti High Lift

12.12 Arctic Violet Blonde

12.2 Arctic Pearl Blonde - Infiniti High Lift

12.2 Arctic Pearl Blonde

12.23 Arctic Beige Blonde - Infiniti High Lift

12.23 Arctic Beige Blonde

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