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Cleanse & Care Kit

2 x Purifying Shampoo1L
2 x Blonde Toning Shampoo 1L
2 x Blonde Toning Treatment 1L
2 x Sensitive Shampoo 1L
2 x Sensitive Conditioner 1L
2 x Hydrating Shampoo 1L
2 x Hydrating Conditioner 1L
4 x Blonde Toning Shampoo 375ml
4 x Purify Shampoo 375ml
4 x Sensitive Shampoo 375ml
4 x Sensitive Conditioner 375ml
4 x Hydrating Shampoo 375ml
4 x Hydrating Conditioner 375ml
4 x Miracle Repair Mask 450ml
4 x Miracle Leave In Balm 250ml
4 x 24/7 Heaven Cuticle Sealer 250ml
1 x Affinage Professional Cape


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