The 2021-direction is old news. Let’s look at what’s on the brew for 2022.
Miley Cyrus & Billie Eilish


It’s the hair hybrid of a shag and a mullet. As seen on the coolest contemporaries from Billie Eilish to Miley Cyrus, the wolf cut is the choppy take on a love of layering. It’s all business in the front, party at the back and a little bit of everything in between. Take some texturising spray and roll with it. It’ll look like you just rocked out at Woodstock. C’mon cry wolf, we dare you. Volumising & Texturising Spray

Like it rough? The hacked bob here. This season’s take on a versatile cut is as chaotic as it sounds. Wild, messy and undone, a stark change from the OG and we’re here for it. With volume brings versatility shape with styling. Go on, wild one. Bring the drama. Volume Powder
Matilda Djert & J.Lo


Keep those 2021 curtain bangs but make them longer and larger. The ultimate face-framing fringe ain’t going anywhere so lean in and take it up a notch. Literally. Be like Matilda Djerf, tik-tok trendsetter and high hair enthusiast - grab a round brush, some setting spray and aim high. This trend is here to stay. Flexible Spray

Think sleek is more on fleek? You’re in good company. J.Lo’s bringing back the noughties and the straight fringes that went along with it. Make it a middle part this time around (no side-swept looks) and glow with the flow. Luminous Drops
Rihanna & Hailey Bieber


Reinventing firm favourites is nothing new so this collab combining balayage techniques with traditional foils was a trend waiting to happen. The finish is lighter and brighter than either application used alone, resulting in an elevated and dimensional natural look that is anything but bougie. Lighteners

The new naturals are modern takes on simple shades – just add shine. Think sand, biscuit brunette and undone blonde. These tones are largely low maintenance, and their popularity was amplified by lockdown limitations on the hairdressing scene. The glow is the star of the show - healthy hair is non-negotiable. Prep with a restorative regime and your colourist will do the rest. Infiniti Colour