Heading into 2021 we’ve composed a collection of this year’s colourful delights and top hair trends from our Affinage Professional salons across Australia and New Zealand.

Pastel pink hues were a huge hit and continue to be a strong glamorous presence with a whimsical feel. Yet the latest trending hair colours are the rich, bold, golden copper tones colourists are obsessing over on their social media pages. Icy cool or warm balayage blondes will always be a popular colour in the Australian and NZ hair industry and we have no doubt this trend is here to stay.


Celebrities have tried it; we’ve tried it & we know a lot of you have tried it. We can bet it’s on a lot of hair colour bucket lists and why wouldn’t it be, it’s a colour good enough to eat by @TheHairArtistryRoom, Bethania QLD.
Micro foils: Arctic Blonding Crème + 4.5% Arctic Developer
Toner: 25g Infiniti Permanent Toner 10.11 Ice + 2g Infiniti Infrared .6 Red + 1.5% Infiniti Developer

@HairatJades, Adelaide SA has created this fairy-tale dusky warm pink with accented highlights. This gorgeous colour incorporates Infiniti Satin Tone on Tone intermixed with .6 Red Infrared to enhance the pinkness, and root stretch using one of Affinage Professional’s most popular colour 7.021 for grey coverage.

Full head of foils using Lite Blonde (7) + 6% Infiniti Developer
Root Shadow: Infiniti Permanent 7.021 + Infiniti Intensive .221 Extra Violet Purple + 1.5% Infiniti Developer
Toner Mids/Ends: Infiniti Satin .000 Clear + 10.21 + dot Infrared .6 Red + 1.5% Infiniti Developer

Mixed combinations of pink and lavenders infused with latest Satin colour 10.042 by @blendbykelseydixon, Bundaberg QLD. At the roots Gothic 9.117 gives off a very soft silver colour mixed with a 10 level.

On scalp bleach on a natural level 7 lightened to a clean level 10: Affinage Arctic Blonding Crème + 4.5% Arctic Developer for 50mins
Roots: 15g Infiniti Permanent 10.2 + 5g Infiniti Gothic 9.117 + pea size Infiniti Intensives .2 Pearl Violet + 1.5% Infiniti Developer
Ends applied straight away: 25g Satin Toner 10.042 + 5g .000 Clear + pea size Infiniti Infrared .6 Red + 1.5% Infiniti Developer; 20 minutes



Bright, glossy and flattering, no matter what the current hair trends are, copper hair always holds a strong showing; with this year being no exception. In fact, the different layers of copper hair have been more popular this year than any other.

This rich, striking rustic tone sure turned heads and with the beauty of our Infiniti Permanent 7.4 Medium Copper Blonde and 8.4 Light Copper Blonde it’s a standout hair colour by @HideawayHairStudio, Gold Coast QLD.

Roots: ¾ Infiniti Permanent 7.2 + ¼ 7.4 + 3% Infiniti Developer
Ends: ¾ Infiniti Permanent 8.4 + ¼ 8.2 + 3% Infiniti Developer

@HairSocietyGC, Gold Coast Qld has created a snap, crackle, pop with this fiery copper. With a stunning mix of our Infiniti Permanent 7.0 and 8.0 Light to Medium Blondes intermixing our Infiniti Permanent 8.4 Light Copper Blonde and 8.43 Light Copper Golden Blonde, it’s a colour that won’t stop shining.

Full head of back to back sliced foils to remove old colour, shampoo then dried off
Roots: 15g Infiniti Permanent 7.0 + 15g 8.43 + 5g 8.4 + 3% Infiniti Developer
Ends: 15g Infiniti Permanent 8.0 + 15g 8.43 + 10g 8.4 + 3% Infiniti Developer


Strawberry copper blonde hair is a beautiful mix of a warm, golden blonde and a lighter, coppery red. Some are fortunate enough to be born with such a beautiful shade while others seek it out from their hairdresser. Highlighting our Infiniti Satin tone on tone 10.042 Extra Light Natural Copper Pearl Blonde, creating a strawberry copper blonde-haired beauty by @Hac.byMaddi, Albury NSW.

Base: Faded out Infiniti Permanent 7.4. She is a natural 7 level that has a bit of strawberry blonde tone to it and decided she would like to go lighter again.
Full head of foils: Affinage Lite Blonde Plus (9) + 3% Infiniti Developer
Toner: Equal parts Infiniti Satin 9.21 + 10.042 + 1.5% Infiniti Developer to give a blonde peachy look over the top of the old Infiniti Permanent 7.4


#3 Rosy and Red

We saw vibrant red hair everywhere in 2020 and for good reason. Rich, warm and vivid are just a few ways to describe this years’ red colour creations.

Rose Gold hair, it’s no surprise that it’s again made it to the top of the list. This glossy Rose Gold was created using a mix of our versatile ranges Infiniti Permanent, Infrared & Satins by @hairbyOliviaFeltell, Gold Coast Qld. 

Roots: 40g Infiniti Permanent 6.65 + 20g 6.221 + 1.5% Infiniti Developer
Ends: 1g Infiniti Infrared .6 Red + 30g Infiniti Satin .000 Clear + 1.5% Infiniti Developer
Roots washed through ends


Red has a plethora of hues to choose from, making it fun and fitting for anyone. Our Infrared collection are featuring in more colour work, due to their diverse uses. This hair colour features our Infrared .526 Magenta & .62 Red Violet and has everyone turning their heads @tinachristinehair, North Brisbane Qld.

On prelightened hair
Roots: 20g Infiniti Permanent 5.66 + 10g 6.221 + 15g Infiniti Infrared .62 Red Violet + 15g .526 Magenta + 3% Infiniti Developer
Ends: 25g Infiniti Infrared .526 Magenta + 10g .62 Red Violet + 5g Infiniti Permanent 6.66 + 5g 6.221 + 6% Infiniti Developer


Rhianna, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Dua Lipa and Sarah Hyland have done it, so what’s stopping you? The bright red bombshell is striking and will dazzle everyone that walks in your path. It’s bold and strong created by @ladyandthehair, Melton VIC using our Infrared .6 Red

Prelightened to a yellow orange.
Global Colour: Infiniti Infrared .6 Red + 3% Infiniti Developer


A fun and unique trend has hit the ground running this year, peach hair. A remix of soft, whimsical tones fitting into any season. The muted and subtle pinky-orange pastel tones can be created into your own hues by mixing your favourite red and pastels together. You’ll be perfect as peach in no time.

Life is just so peachy when your hair colour is on point. Our Satin Toner 10.042 has proven popular with this years’ peach hair colour creations; @dahlas_hair, Gold Coast Qld.

On prelightened hair
30g Infiniti Satin toner 10.042 + 10g Infiniti Satin 10.2 + 1g Infiniti Infrared .6 Red + 1.5% Infiniti Developer
10g Infiniti Permanent 8.43 + 1.5% Infiniti Developer


This cool creation is as peachy as it gets. A veil of juicy peach hues added an ethereal, reflective finish that shimmers with every curve and swish. @iammyhairstudio, Gold Coast Qld created this stunning peach using our Infiniti Satin Toner 9.046, with an addition of Infiniti Toner 10.21 Pearl

Toner: 20g Infiniti Satin Toner 9.046 + 10g 10.2 + 10g 10.21 + 1.5% Infiniti Developer


A mix of Infiniti Permanent High Lift 12.0s Booster, Infiniti Permanent 9.3 Very Light Golden Blonde and 6.66 Dark Fire Red Blonde are what you need to create this vibrant peachy mane. These intermixed Infiniti colours have resulted in this flawless vintage look. It’s juicy, reflective glaze finish is perfected by @rubylane_thevintagestylist, Scarborough Qld.

Base: 6 months of regrowth and a dull faded copper
Global colour: ¾ Infiniti High Lift 12.0s Booster + ¼ Infiniti Permanent 9.3 + 10% 6.66 + 3% Infiniti Developer



It can seem that blondes really do have more fun with so many different hues to choose from, and there is always something new. Do you want to build a snowman? Because your hair is saying yes. Go for a fully Frozen look and feel like an absolute ice princess. Keep your frosted blonde looking icy fresh with our Cleanse & Care Blonde Toning Shampoo and Treatment

One of the coolest hues of the year, giving us total hair envy. When it comes to a dimensional blonde, the use of our Infiniti Permanent and Infiniti Ice Toner is the perfect look for keeping things that little more natural by @alexmareehairstudio, Gladstone Qld.

Foils: Lite Blonde (7) + 6% Infiniti Developer
Toner: Infiniti Permanent 9.1 + Toner 10.11 Ice + 1.5% Infiniti Developer

It’s cooler than ever and this iridescent icy hue walks the white line. There is no better way to take on the icy blonde hair trend than with our Infiniti toners .021 Champagne, .22 Lavender and of course 10.11 Ice by @reneesmobile_hairdressing, Brisbane Qld.

Full head of micro foils: Lite Blonde (7) + 6% Infiniti Developer
Toner: Equal parts Infiniti Permanent Toner .021 Champagne + .22 Lavender + 10.11 Ice + 1.5% Infiniti Developer, processed for 5 minutes

In the mood for an icy hue, this Infiniti Permanent 9.117 Platinum blonde offers a touch of brightness. cascading platinum locks, absolutely jaw-dropping by @rachels_personal_styling, Gold Coast Qld.

Full head of back to back foils
Toner: Infiniti Gothic 9.117 + Permanent 9.2 + 1.5% Infiniti Developer

That’s a wrap for the 2020 hair colour round up.

Hot hair hues are ever evolving and if you decide to take the plunge to try out a new look, remember to always look after your locks with Affinage Professional; a nourishing and professional hair colour and hair care range. This will ensure you get vibrant, long lasting colour, shine and care.