Affinage Professional Thermal Protectant offers far more than just protection from heat styling tools. In fact, it’s one of Affinage Professional Ambassador Neil Coogan’s favourite styling products at Risqu’e Hair, and for good reason! This lightweight spray is an all-in-one primer for hair when colouring and styling. Discover all the ways Neil uses Thermal Protectant in salon and how you can get the most out of this unique product too.

Thermal Protectant and tools


The moisturising properties of Thermal Protectant lock in hydration by coating the hair cuticle for a smooth and sleek finish. This allows you to tame frizz and flatten flyaways without weighing the hair down, resulting in more manageable hair when styling. 

The Marula Seed Oil and Avocado Extract contained within Thermal Protectant means it also acts as a detangling spray. Hair is more susceptible to damage when it’s wet, so this will help your comb glide through knots and tangles without any risk of breakage. 


The high temperatures produced by heat styling tools weaken hair by depleting its natural oils, which can lead to dullness, dryness and split ends. Thermal Protectant acts as a protective barrier that helps to maintain the integrity of the hair by preventing moisture loss. 

“We put Thermal Protectant into the hair when we’re about to blow dry or wanting to use straightening irons, curling tongs or anything else that is going to create heat,” says Neil. “It’s great for protecting the hair against the elements of these tools.” 

Affinage Professional Thermal Protectant with Colouring Brush


Understanding how hair absorbs and retains moisture is a key part of achieving reliable results with professional colour. A porosity equaliser ensures even pigment absorption for the entire hair strand to help you deliver a beautiful finish no matter the condition of the hair.

“Probably the most important way we use this product is as a porosity equaliser. Spray Thermal Protectant through the mid-lengths and ends before colouring so the colour works on a level playing field and gets a nice even result when it processes.” 


We all know that using powder lighteners can cause hair to become fragile. This is where Thermal Protectant’s ability to seal the hair follicles on application plays an important role in seamless blonde toning.  

“Another key use for this product is when we’re toning blonde hair,” says Neil. “If you’ve done a fresh head of foils and the hair has some dryness to it, spray Thermal Protectant into the hair before you tone to ensure the toner works consistently. It’s fantastic for when the hair wants to overtone quicker in some areas than others. We love it in salon and we’re pretty sure you will as well.” 

Thermal Protectant and straightener

So there you have it! Four unique ways to use Thermal Protectant when colouring and styling hair which show how versatile it is in salon. It’s an essential first step for any hair style! 

Please contact us or your local Affinage Professional distributor for details on how to purchase this styling product.