When it comes to the term ‘money piece’, it refers to the placement of hair colour along the hairline to frame the face, which is why it is also known as ‘face framing’. A very popular look within the 90’s, that somewhat ‘disappeared’ until Beyonce debuted a caramel-hued highlight in her front hair line in 2019, which in turn created a new hype and hair trend.

1. Full head of foils: Alternating lowlights & highlights; Highlights using Lite Blonde + 6% Infiniti Developer; Lowlights using Infiniti Permanent 6.021 + 3% Infiniti Developer
2. Root Shadow using Infiniti Permanent 7.021 + 1.5% Infiniti Developer
3. Toned using Infiniti Permanent .021 Champagne toner + 1.5% Infiniti Developer; 10 mins 

Face framing goes hand-in-hand with the hair colouring technique of balayage, as it is a great way to add brightness around the face while accentuating both the hair colour & the clients facial features, which can be created using Affinage Infiniti colour range and lightening range; creating a beautiful dimensional effect which also adds flair to any look, no matter the colour. The strength of the trend is really the versatility, as it suits everyone. It is completely customizable using Infiniti Permanent hair colour. If you want bright & bold, you got it! If you want natural & subtle, you got it!

1. Full head of foils, using Lite Blonde 7 + 3% Infiniti Developer; 6% Infiniti Developer through the top
2. Money Piece (Face Framing): Pop Art Pink 
3. Roots: Pop Art Red 
4. Mid-lengths: Pop Art Yellow with a dot of Pop Art Red
5. Ends: Pop Art Yellow
30mins processing time

1. 3/4 head of foils using Lite Blonde Plus (9) + 6% Infiniti Developer 
2. Globally toned using 3/4 Infiniti Permanent .021 Champagne toner + 1/4 .22 Lavender toner + 1.5% Infiniti Developer; 10 mins
3. Rinsed & dried the front, 1 inch from hairline and applied Infiniti Satin .000 Clear + .221 Extra Violet Purple Intensives + 1.5% Infiniti Developer; 20 mins 

As a rule, the money piece needs to follow the natural parting of the hair. Begin by pulling the section apart and decide on your subsections depending on how thick or thin your client wants their face framing highlights to be. Softer and more natural looks require a smaller weave or for a real stand out and strong effect, take the sections bigger. Painting freehand, weaving, or teasing is up to you in what desired result you are looking for. For a bolder effect around the face start with lightening the hair further down or the work of back-to-back baby lights create an effective but natural result.

It is a great way for those with darker hair to achieve a natural, sun-kissed hair colour; or those who don’t want to go a full on bold & bright colour, who just want to add a ‘pop’ of colour.

It would be impossible for you to miss this hair colour trend that’s been showing up everywhere and has continued to grow in popularity.

It has set the tone for more hair colour trends throughout 2021.

1. Full head of balayage foils using Lite Blonde (7) + 6% Infiniti Developer
2. Free Lights using Lite Blonde (7) + 6% Infiniti Developer
3. Face Framing using Lite Blonde (7) + 3% Infiniti Developer
4. Toned using 3/4 Infiniti Permanent 10.11 Ice toner + 1/2 .021 Champagne toner + 3% Infiniti Developer; 15mins 

1. Baby lights & Face Framing using Lite Blonde Plus (9) + 6% Infiniti Developer
2. Washed & shampoo'ed 
3. Global application using Infiniti Permanent 6.4 + .4 Infrared Copper + 3% Infiniti Developer

When taking the perfect shot for social media, hair positioning to accentuate the look is essential. With the money piece hair trend, the best way to accentuate the face framing on your client is using the Mickey Pinch hair technique.
Staging the perfect social media photo, is a fine-tuned skill and Mickey Colon Jr perfected it!

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