Affinage Professional Styling Collection has been met with rave reviews by hairdressers and clients alike! Here is everything you need to know about these professional hair styling products and why they’re a must-have in your kit for 2022.

The Formulation

This collection consists of 10 products to prep, style, define and finish hair.

We wanted to offer an uncomplicated approach to professional hairstyling with a streamlined selection of multitasking products. Many can be applied to damp or dry hair and perform different functions at different stages of the styling process for different hair types.

Housed in sage green and white packaging that feels fresh, modern and minimalist, the luxurious formulas offer all that is required to create today’s trending hairstyles. Together they deliver creative control without compromising texture and movement, while protecting and nourishing hair.

As a cruelty-free company and member of PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies program, you can rest assured that our formulations are not tested on animals.

Affinage Professional Hair Styling Collection

The Technology

Our new Thermal Activation Technology (TAT) is found in three of our styling products: Thermal Protectant, Volumising & Texturising Spray and Contour Cream. This ensures the hair is protected when exposed to extreme heat sources such as blow drying, flat ironing and curling tongs.

TAT also contains a UV filter to further shield the hair from free radicals and is infused with Marula Seed Oil which is high in antioxidants and deeply hydrating nutrients. 

Affinage Professional Volumising & Texturising Spray

The Products

Here’s a look at how all of the products in the collection work to support the style, thanks to MB Hair Bar Salon Owner and Affinage Ambassador Mandy Bourke.


Thermal Protectant

This styling staple is a popular purchase for clients. It not only does what it says on the bottle but also acts as a porosity equaliser during colouring and a detangler during styling. An amazing all-in-one!

Affinage Professional Thermal Protectant


Volumising & Texturising Spray

This spray will give you the perfect amount of hold on waves and curls without feeling sticky or stiff, making it ideal for natural curl scrunches.

Volume Powder

Another client favourite, Volume Powder walks off the shelves! It’s our go-to when braiding, separating curls, adding body and texture and upstyling as it feels so light but offers so much hold. Read more Volume Powder styling tips.

Flexi Paste & Clay Wax

The paste and wax are excellent for upstyling, braiding, men’s hair and short hair. Flexi Paste is fantastic for piecing out curls and Clay Wax is used in all of our braiding because it helps hold them for weeks!

Affinage Professional Volume Powder


Contour Cream

This cream doesn’t weight hair down at all which makes it great for all hair types. It’s super moisturising, gives a gorgeous shine and has an amazing smell clients love.

Moisture Foam

This hydrating mousse is perfect for upstyling and blow drying. Its non-tacky formula makes it easy to build on itself.

Affinage Professional Contour Cream


Luminous Drops

This is a lightweight, keratin based serum without an overly oily residue that can be applied before blow drying and again during styling. It offers incredible shine and moisture and clients love the smell. It’s one of the best products I have ever used!

Flexible Spray & Finishing Spray

The hairsprays are so different. Flexible Spray is perfect for tidying flyaways and creating a little texture and hold, while Finishing Spray is amazing for upstyling and holding curl.

I absolutely love the retail range as you can probably tell. Clients adore it and it’s great value!

Affinage Professional Luminous Drops


These versatile products can be used together to create a customised solution for different hair types. Here are some creative combinations to try:

Moisture Foam + Volumising & Texturising Spray = Added hold for all hair types

Moisture Foam + Contour Cream = Thicker and stronger curls

Luminous Drops + Flexi Paste = Light to medium hold with added shine for shorter styles or coarse frizzy hair

Luminous Drops + Moisture Foam = Light hold with added definition and shine for longer curly or wavy hair

Luminous Drops + Contour Cream = Bespoke smoothing crème with lots of shine ideal for thick, coarse hair

Update Your Styling Kit

We hope this gives you some more insight into our new professional hair styling products, what makes them stand out and how they work together to create beautiful styles by adding moisture, texture, volume, hold and shine.

Please contact us or your local Affinage Professional distributor for details on how to purchase.