Affinage Professional Luminous Drops AHIA Awards Finalist 2020

We are excited to share Luminous Drops has been announced as a finalist in the Best Styling Product category of the 7th Annual Australian Hair Industry Awards. As the only national comprehensive business awards in the hair industry, they are seen as a benchmark of excellence. 

2020 sees the return of the AHIA Care Treat and Style Products Awards, with judges asked to blind test products over a two month period. These were repackaged in clean-skin white containers with non-branded instructions and descriptions to ensure ranking was based on product alone and not on name.

Affinage Professional AHIA Awards Finalist 2020

This year saw over 60 products entered and we are thrilled that Luminous Drops was recognised as a standout amongst its peers. This lightweight, anti-frizz hair oil features a nourishing formulation and beautiful fragrance which make it a treat to use. It penetrates the hair follicle and protects against environmental elements to deliver healthy shine and a luxurious finish to your style. 

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