Covid19 has had a big effect on salons and getting clients back into the chair may not be as easy as it once was. Maybe job cuts and the low economic growth, have seen some clients cutting corners, and popping into the supermarket to purchase a retail box colour or non-professional care product.

So, what can you do, to keep your clients coming back to you?

We have the Top 5 Suggested Ways to retain and keep them coming back


Whether digital or hard copy, a client record keeps track of all client information and treatment history. Keeping a client record with the following information, will go a long way: Yes we have the usually information;- Contact information, Allergies, Colour Recipe, Treatments etc.
But here are some special thoughts to keep on file; Do they have kids; Do they love animals; Birthdays; other significant dates. BUT, use this information to personalise and connect with your client.  Send a Birthday well wish via text or email. Offer a promotion on their next treatment or update their cards regularly.

 Rachel Morrison from Rachel Morrison Hair & Makeup says 

“I’ve found the relationships are what keep them coming back, knowing what coffee they have, remembering their cats birthdays, little things that build the trust because a lot of my clients have come from places where they feel they were under serviced.”


Affinage Professional Colour Chart

It is important to hold a consultation with your client at every appointment. You should always strive to provide the most value possible, regardless of how much you charge or how wealthy your client. They will realise the value and not only continue to come to you, but will refer your salon to others; because you listen to what they want and deliver exceptional service.

Sitting in front of them with their client record, discussing what they want, offering advice of what you as a professional hairdresser would do and take on onboard their wants and needs and align both. Translate your conclusion so the client fully understands cost, process and of course the final result.

“Make the client feel like royalty. They’re paying YOU for YOUR time and work. 110% focus on them and their hair. Always offer something new, clients love hearing new ideas, colours, styles etc that are on trend. Don’t just assume they want the same look every time.” Emma Anderson - Modern Image Hair and Beauty

“Complete consultations, LISTEN to your client, don’t pressure sell and be consistent with your service; without fail. If they feel you know exactly what you’re talking about and you are genuinely looking after their best interests, they will trust you.” Kelli Smith - Uniquely You Hair Studio


Social Media is one of the biggest advertising and marketing platforms, and it’s free; take advantage of Instagram & Facebook especially.

Firstly, create a business account separate from your personal accounts. This is a way to promote your brand, adding all your relevant business information;

- Name
- Physical Address
- Phone Number
- Website
- Business Hours

Secondly, create high-quality content such as before and after image posts. Take a tutorial on taking the perfect photo to highlight your quality work. Invest in ring lights and clean backdrops to create the perfect ‘after’ shots. Clients are looking for trustworthy, credible and capability in delivering the best hair colour and hair care services.

Before Affinage Professional Colour 
BEFORE - Hair by Steph Slattery

After Affinage Professional Colour

AFTER - Hair by Steph Slattery

Remember, this is your brand and you should always have guidelines in place to ensure the visuals are in line with the brand image of your salon. If you’re wanting to appeal to the younger audiences, experiment with fun visuals & a modern vibe. If you’re wanting to appeal to the more classic look, be more iconic and straightforward.

Images that prove to perform well on social media;

1. User generated images; also known as a ‘Selfie’! Re-posting your clients selfies, with them being happy with their hair has the biggest impact on your credibility and reputation. Your clients are walking billboards for your salon.

2. Before and after images; There is no better way to showcase your skills than posting images of your transformations.

3. Behind the scenes and transformation videos; Show your followers the ins and outs of what goes on before, during and after their hair process. Show un-staged photos of your staff working & photos of your salon; getting your staff to share them. Clients want to know what the atmosphere is going to be like when they attend your salon.

4. Post your available times on social media. This will allow people to see how little availability you have & how quickly you need to book.

Affinage Professional Styling

Modern Image Hair & Beauty

@Hairdo4u - Instagram


Thirdly, use hashtags in all your posts. It’s the way to get your posts performing well & reaching more people. By adding hashtags to your captions, it makes your post visible to people who aren’t following you, yet! If you aren’t sure what hashtags to use, check what your competitors or other salons are using or head over to the Affinage Australia Instagram page for the most popular & trending hashtags in the industry.

Last, and most importantly post consistently and always respond to comments. People tend to think they can post & either just leave or ‘like’ comments, this will not work best for you. Getting traction takes time, it is crucial to post at least once a day.

You can’t promote your brand by posting only once a week. Post only relevant and valuable contact, not flooding your followers with content that isn’t of any relevance to your brand.


As a business owner, it’s your job to establish procedures that will keep your employees happy and motivated. Having happy employees sets the groundwork for hard work, teamwork, performance and overall, a successful business.

A few ways in which you can keep your employees happy are;

1. Make training and education available; When a company dedicates itself to workplace education and training, it will see a result that includes an improved performance of employees. Employees who are trained will be able to perform their job duties better, leading to them to being more successful on the job. Training can also boost the confidence of the employee, who might begin to work harder and smarter knowing how much he or she can achieve. Allowing & recognising growth can create long-term employees.

2. Make work/life balance a priority; improving the balance for employees can improve their overall health and general well-being. It can also help to improve their morale motivation and general job satisfaction, leading to improved performance in the workplace.

3. Host engaging team building events; team building activities build camaraderie and trust, one of the most important aspects of a successful team. It allows people to get to know each other including their interests, strengths and weaknesses, as well as the way in which each other communicate. Team building does just that ‘builds a team’.

4. Be open and available; having an open-door policy encourages communication, feedback and calm discussion regardless of the matter. Employees are much more likely to work hard & be happy when they feel their employer listens, asks for input and is respectful of them. Encouraging honest and open communication requires putting in place active measures that foster an open exchange of information and ideas.

5. Last, but not least say ‘thank you’ to your employees. Thank you goes a long way and when employees feel appreciated, they are happier which in turn makes employees more creative, innovative and dedicated.


Seeking new ways to grow your business and bring in new customers is great, but if you want to grow your business, the best way to do that is to make sure you’re maximising the potential of the clients you already have.

Rebooking your clientele stabilises and grows your business by creating habit and increasing your number of loyal clients. Encouraging clients to rebook their service will help, not only your business but your clients as well. They want to feel and look their best and keeping them coming back will achieve this for them.

Affinage Professional have a few simple ways in which you can help encourage your clients to rebook:

1. Explain the value of them rebooking; cheaper to maintain than to have a full cut and colour etc.

  1. Suggest dates and times that will suit them; reminding them that you are extremely busy and may not be able to guarantee a time that suits them. There’s no incentive to rebook if your calendar is wide open.
  2. Offer incentives ie. 10% discount for rebooking at your appointment or a loyalty program.

Building a business, especially in these times can be hard however with these examples it should inspire you to continue and reach for new heights. Having customer focused retention plans and outlooks will help you spend less, build lasting relationships with your customers and improve customer lifetime value.