EmpowerAid is an Australian based training organisation who provide pathways to employment for vulnerable women; to reduce poverty and empower individuals, families and their communities for a life of dignity and opportunity.

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Affinage Professional is proud to support and provide product to EmpowerAid to help empower women.

Women's empowerment is a passion for the team. They enable women to share their knowledge and talents with women who are living on or below the poverty line. Teach them skills, support them, and provide them with the tools they need to live lives of dignity and independence. They give each other strength by sharing their lives, talents, and a good laugh.

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Believing that by working together, we can aid the poor and vulnerable. That is why EmpowerAid volunteers and provides vocational training to women. They don't end there, though! Students are also taught how to educate so that they can spread empowerment further than they could alone!

When EmpowerAid are able, they travel and visit the students in person to deliver training packages. Their latest visit to place in Timor Leste.

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They are ecstatic to see the students blossom, gaining confidence and hope. EmpowerAid seeks to continue the journey with them as they advance through the programme and graduate, encouraging them in their business or place of employment, or they can continue their education with EmpowerAid and become trainers themselves!

They seek to see their volunteers flourish as well preparing them for the challenge of travel and ensuring their wellbeing also.

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Based in Perth, the team of dedicated volunteers who manage the admin, attending to the myriad of tasks necessary to support the operation of a full-scale training organisation!