Ultimate Guide to Bright Hair Colouring

If hair is your canvas, colours are your paint, and Affinage Professional Pop Art provides the rainbow palette you need to create striking works of art.

Here we share how you can help your clients express themselves creatively with bright semi-permanent hair colours through the right consultation, prep, application, home care and removal.

Ultimate Guide to Bright Hair Colouring with Pop Art

What is Pop Art?

Affinage Professional Pop Art is an ammonia free direct dye consisting of seven vibrant shades which last up to 10 washes: Red, Pink, Purple, Blue, Teal, Yellow and Grey.

Why Use Pop Art for Bright Hair Colouring?

1. It’s peroxide and ammonia free.

This gentle formula minimises the risk of scalp irritation and cuticle damage. It also means no harsh chemical smell, making Pop Art colouring a safe and enjoyable experience for your clients.

2. It’s the perfect gel consistency.

This makes it easy to dispense from the packaging, apply quickly and work evenly through the hair.

3. It conditions hair while colouring.

Babassu Oil is a key ingredient in Pop Art which is well known for its moisturising properties. This prevents hair from drying out and helps the colour last longer.

4. It’s completely intermixable.

Pop Art colours are designed to be used in combination with each other, allowing you to create an endless palette of rainbow hues customised to every client.

Step 1: Bright Hair Colour Consultation

It’s important to first get an understanding of what your client is looking for from their bright colour. How long do they want the colour to last? Is it meant to be a fun temporary change or are they seeking maximum longevity? Do they want a global colour, money piece, two-tone transformation, dip dye, colour melt, unicorn hair or something else?

You also need to determine the condition of the hair. Pop Art stains the cuticle so the more damaged the hair, the less likely you’ll achieve a vivid result that goes the distance.

As bright colours are higher maintenance, your consultation should also include mention of a home care plan to keep your client’s hair healthy and colour vibrant for as long as possible. 

Step 2: Bright Hair Colour Prep

Every successful bright hair colour starts with a clean base.

Hair should be lightened to level 9 or 10 before applying Pop Art. You can do this using Lite Blonde (7 levels), Lite Blonde+ (9 levels) or Arctic Blonding Crème followed by a gentle Hydrating Shampoo. We don’t recommend using a conditioner or treatment at this stage.

Once lightening is complete, it’s time to correct any counteraction with pre toning using our Infiniti Permanent Toners or Infiniti Satin toners so Pop Art Pink, Purple, Blue, Teal and Grey can work in the best possible way. This step isn’t required if you’re wanting to achieve intense Pop Art Red or Yellow results.

Step 3: Bright Hair Colour Application

For maximum vibrancy and longevity, start with clean dry hair then saturate with Pop Art, massaging thoroughly before processing up to 30 minutes.

These semi-permanent hair colours are made for intermixing and can be pastelised with conditioner, so don’t be afraid to get creative! To ensure you get the right look in the tint bowl before applying to hair, we recommend swatching on white paper, tissue or cotton ball as you go. When combining, start with less of the dominant colour and continue swatch until you get the result you’re looking for.

A tip from our Technical Educators is to add some primary colour into your mix to achieve greater brightness and hold. For example, you can add a small amount of Red to Pop Art Pink or Blue and Red to Pop Art Purple for extra longevity.

Rinse in the coolest possible water to help close the shaft and lock in colour.

Step 4: Bright Hair Colour Care

A home care plan is essential to keep your client’s hair in the best condition and maintain colour vibrancy.

We advise against washing hair for two days after Pop Art application. Following this, a sulfate free, silicone free and paraben free shampoo from our Cleanse & Care collection is ideal for colour maintenance. We also recommend using a treatment like our Miracle Repair Mask at least once a fortnight to keep hair soft and silky.

Pop Art isn’t just for professionals, so you can encourage your clients to take home this product as a colour refresher or custom conditioner. Just ensure they have gloves, a tint brush and bowl available if purchasing the tube to avoid staining.

Step 5: Bright Hair Colour Removal

When it comes time to remove your client’s Pop Art colour, there are two ways this can be done.

Option 1: Powder Lightener + Warm Water

Mix equal parts Affinage Lite Blonde (7 levels) and warm water, letting it sit on the hair for 10 minutes before rinsing. The warmth of the water will open the cuticle and allow the powder lightener to soften the colour.

We don’t recommend using developer in this mix as it can push the pigment further into the hair. This is exactly the opposite of the outcome we’re hoping to achieve!

Option 2: Infiniti High Lift 12.0S Booster + 6% Infiniti Developer

Once this mix has been applied, cover the hair in foil and leave for the full processing time of 50 mins. While this technique doesn’t work as quickly as the first option, it will result in a cleaner canvas. Removal is always better than having to counteract if possible.

Which hair colour removal technique is right for you?

This all depends on:

1. The condition of the hair.

2. How much time you have to remove the colour.

3. What you want to do after the colour has been removed.

Option 1 leaves hair dull but produces a quicker result, while Option 2 creates a much better starting colour to keep light or tone but takes longer to achieve. You may choose to use different techniques for different clients.

What’s next?

It’s time to get experimental and push the boundaries of hair colour creativity!

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Photo Credit: Lou Lou’s Hair