The talented winners of the annual Photographic Color Competition's 2021/2022 have been announced, rewarding those who best implemented the brief of inspired colour combined with exceptional finish and elegance. The looks were inspired by current trends and inventive styles, as well as a passion for creative coloured hair. With their inspiring appearance, this year's winners in all three categories embodied these qualities.

Congratulations goes to everyone who entered particularly in-light of Covid, the lockdowns and how difficult these times have been across Australia and the globe.

Congratulations to the winners. For the main prize of Overall Winner of the 2021/2022 Affinage Professional Photographic Colour Competition, Domi Pinalli won for an artistic, multifaceted, and trending cut with striking yet gorgeous colour details. The look presented an editorial flair as well as offering an edgy, captivating style.

In the category of 2021/2022 People’s Choice Award, Natalie Carter took home the prize. Her look showed off a bold wavy technique within a brunette hair look, with dynamic colour tones of purple, violet and pink expertly weaved into the hair design.

The 2021/2022 Apprentice Award was won by Sonita Aziz, whose colour transformation with brilliant copper tones and a flawless styled finish showed enormous skill and creative potential.

Well done to all the winners and everyone who entered for channelling their most creative selves and investing in their artistry.