K I R R A    L O N G M U I R

Kirra Longmuir has been hairdressing for over 14 years. After taking a leap to open her first salon at the age of 21, almost 8 years on.. her salon ‘Trendz Studio’ has gone from strength to strength. 2015 has seen Kirra open not only a bigger Cleveland/Brisbane location but she has also recently opened a breathtakingly stunning Bundall/Gold Coast location.

Kirra is well known for producing gorgeous sun kissed almost Virgin hair like Balayages. “I love beautiful glossy natural colours, big bouncy blow dry’s, curls and waves & so do all of my clientele! Balayage is not a trend, it is here to stay! There is so many variations and they never look exactly the same. Natural goddess looking hair will NEVER go out of fashion!”

Her Balayage technique is something she has personally perfected and that she shares with all of her staff & carries out extensive training with them in order to complement their individuality before they commence in her salon.

“You put out what you want to attract”. If you are positive & passionate, you attract likewise people. My staff are so important to me, they work tirelessly to fulfil their hunger & passion to create amazing hair. I’m very grateful to have found & formed a perfect creative team. Anything I improve or use in the salon is for them in order to make their work life more enjoyable, satisfying & simple. The Essential Blends portfolio of colours we use are a vital part of that”.

“I am never afraid to experiment! I don’t mind adapting the rules, Essential Blends is reliable & I can be rest assured my colours will always be glossy & give 100% grey coverage when needed. I am not afraid to make cocktails & have fun with it. The results of our work speaks for itself”.

Shop 1F/33 Shore Street West

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