Michele Mosterd

Michelle comes from an education and business background in our industry and is highly conversant across many areas from educating, co-ordinating and facilitating classes to mentoring and coaching.
Having worked as an educator in previous positions, Michelle welcomes the opportunity to be part of a close knit team, and share her knowledge with her peers, hairdressers and distributor partners.
‘Education has been a focus and passion for me over the past 15 years’.  Michelle is a confident team member, highly professional, driven to excel and always loves a challenge.

Sam Zastera

Sam is no stranger to hairdressing education, having spent the past 8 years providing Affinage Professional technical guidance to hairdressers of all levels and backgrounds throughout Queensland. With a strong competition background in colour and styling, Sam strives to connect with and inspire hairdressers to reach their full potential with Affinage Professional.

Sarah Pleskot

Sarah has over 15 years of experience in the hairdressing industry including the wholesale sector, where Sarah spent 8 years, gathering experience and skills and being awarded SA Sales Representative of the year on 2 occasions. Sarah joined Affinage Professional in early 2015, and is committed to providing the best in quality, service and support for Affinage Salons and hairdressers. She believes that continuing education in the hair industry, is a vital key to success.

Amber White

An experience educator/trainer who has been in the hairdressing industry for 23 years.  Her drive to succeed in best evidence by the 14 awards she has won, including representing Australia in the world championships.
Amber is extremely passionate about the hair industry and it certainly shows in her delivery of education. 

Sarah Smart

Sarah has over 35 years of  experience in the industry from Australia and overseas. She first joined the Affinage team in 2009 then had a short break and is now returned.
She enjoys educating and sharing her knowledge and experience with others. Sarah believes education is everything and you can never learn enough.

Elio Matos

NSW Technical Educator Elio, possesses the flair, enthusiasm, creativity and passion hairdressers love to see. After more than 15 years working overseas in London, Paris and Brazil, Elio now lives as a permanent resident, based in Sydney, Australia. He’s been a finalist in many hair comp awards throughout his career both in Europe and Australia and his competency as a technical trainer and focus on colouring and cutting techniques is phenomenal. Elio prides himself on customer service, knowledge and willingness to share his creative skills with others.