Blonde Bombsell Shampoo Xtra COMING SOON!!!

COMING SOON White Ice Blonde Bombshell XTRA Contains extra violet blue pigment eliminating brassy or yellow hair, whilst actively toning.

POP ART Has Arrived

Inspired by Anthony Warhol and the Lichtenstein era, POP ART was born. 7 vibrant Semi permanent colours. Completely intermixable for creative wearable art. Containing Affinage Professionals unique formula Diamond Blend ™.

New Essential Blends Autumn & Winter Collection

Allure Permanent Wave New Look

ALLURE PERMANENT WAVE NEW LOOK COMING SOON! CREATE BEACHY BABE WAVES  perming lotion • neutraliser • 100ml Buffered formula with inbuilt stopping action Emulsifiers to eradicate over processing Low pH 8-8.5 1 variant suits all hair types Active conditioning agents and moisturisers Odour neutralisers, pleasant fragrance

Congratulations to the AHIA State Wholesaler of the Year winners!